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August 19, 2008 at 2:25 pm (Michael Savage)

Two weeks ago, I was driving to pick up my folks from the airport but their flight had been re-scheduled due to an unexpected storm system moving in to the area. So I cranked up the local AM radio station to check on the weather forecast as I was a bit skeptic of an earlier report when all I observed was a flimsy drizzle which didn’t warrant of any aerial traffic delay. Long be hold, it was the beginning of that night’s rerun of Michael Savage’s radio show: The Savage Nation (ARGH!!!).

The show blasted on to the airwaves by an intro track of Metallica (I presume) but with a sound over of a roaring announcer fit for a sonorous “Monster Truck” ad commercial — Bellowing with rage to return from a commercial break. Immediately I thought to myself of Michael Savage as the pro-wrestler of talk radio, anyway…

I don’t exactly remember what topic he commenced the show on, and I highly doubt if he had any coherent and scripted topic in mind, but for some reason the monologue deviated to the “issue” of Iran. For some unknown reason, Savage went bombastic on the imminent threat the “West” is facing in lights of A[k]hmadine[zh]ad (with grotesque mispronunciation):

HE WANTS TO KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL…” He must have repeated it 15 times. Later on, I realized, loud mouthing is a routine on Savage’s show and being an over hyperventilated senile is one of many of his tricks for tourist attraction — entertaining the listeners like an STD (the following is an excerpt from a show two years ago, notice the repetition utilized as a means to convey his message):

They will only think of gay security, gay security, gay security, gay security, gay propaganda, gay propaganda, gay security, gay security.” (Savage’s trifecta: smears of Hispanics, gays, and Jews, May 12, 2006)

He was dissolving in neurosis of hysteria. He wasn’t just yelling and kicking his feet like a disgruntled child but it appeared to be a mix of having someone pinching his testicles while inserting a needle into his eyelids… Oh the agony he must have been writhing in. After listening to a few of his hate-mongering, misplaced rage-on-fire snippet-of-sound-bites, available online from the past shows, I realized being a fire-ant-grandpa-on-steroid is something he truly prides himself in.

His solutions are alway draconian; Kill the Arabs, kill the Muslims, Kill illegal immigrants, kill the gays and liberals, kill commies (of course, people who are arbitrarily “labeled” as such), kill ACLU, kill whoever dares to disagree with him or associated with any of the aforementioned groups (because we are somehow, always under an imminent threat of God knows who), kill Hitler (although he is already dead), and yes, kill… Just kill, let blood run red.

It’s hard not to notice that Savage’s favorite topic to froth at the mouth is a pronounced antipathy toward Liberalism… Liberalism being a rotten pile of contagious viral of immorality, chewing up the very core of our communities, with their push to spread homosexual agenda [according to him]… blah blah blah, at which point, once again, he goes into high-gear of perpetually enraged repetitive screed by disparaging, surprisingly this time, Rupert Murdoch and how he has lent hand to the devil himself in destroying the very fabric of our society (I am elusively paraphrasing here but bare with me as he describes why):

ALL THEY FEED YOU IS SPORT (Fox Sports Conductoras Sexy 2008 ) [Fox Sports I suppose], SPORT, PORN [Fox News and Fox Television Stations], PORN, PORN, MINI-SKIRT (FOX News Julie Banderas Upskirt) [a reference to the female anchors at FoxNews], SPORT (Hottest women of the Games), SPORT, PORN, PORN, SPORT, SPORT, MINI-SKIRT (Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson’s Inner Thighs), PORN, PORN, SPORT, MINI-SKIRT (Courtney Friel Leg Cross and Upskirt), MINI-SKIRT (Classic E.D. Hill Upskirt)” Ya, and this man has an audacity to complain about the way Fox conducts business (not that I blame him for it) when his son’s (CEO) very own company, Rockstar energy drink (, notice a conspicuous use of “69” in their web domain) which his wife (CFO) and himself are affiliated with, openly seeks soft-porn models (to Savage’s standards) for their advertisement: Rockstar Models, Rockstar Model Application Submission, Custom Model Shots

The usual caffeine, taurine and guarana to get your “jitter” on — and Savage has a doctorate in nutritional ethnomedicine! But I suppose in a culture that branding a product overshadows the quality and even the intended “purpose,” you shouldn’t be expecting a blow hard like Savage, who has weighed his cards as a Messiah of “rescuing our demoralized society,” to do anything other than lending full support to vainglorious family business. Like father, like son (Michael Savage Talking to His Son Russell Weiner on 9/11, 2001).

Then it was time to take some phone calls. I was a bit thrown off by the array of unorthodox questions, nonchalantly, being asked by his die hard fans, as I always presumed his show is mostly hinged on political and social issues rather than trying to take a jab at solving someone’s current emotional and psychological dilemma. It’s as if placing an order on a male enhancement [placebo] pill and expect to cure one’s paralysis. The projected tone of the callers mostly resembled a juvenile individual who sycophantically makes a call to share an unexpected garlic fart his friend just ripped a moment ago to boost his own sense of self-importance.

The first caller asked Savage how she could become as “thick skin” as he is… as if she was looking to blank out on any constructive external criticisms all together… In a way, effectively living as a fault-free, self-proclaim moral statue who espouses self-righteous indignation at any chance she musters. In return, he gleefully retorted an advice his friend had given him (again paraphrasing), “Beware whose insult you take to heart [with].” Basically what Savage wanted her to do was to place everyone’s objection in a bubble of “nothingness,” as he vehemently put it. He went off to profess how for recent part of his life, he has veneered his critiques with a sense of flippant and snide. Obviously, from a psychological point of view, once you consider your critiques as an “inferior” subject (again his choice of word: inferior), you’ll surely have a leeway to wholly disregard their input (basically becoming a bone fide a**hole like him).

another caller was permitted on the air and promptly, without any introduction, asked Savage what he thought of Jesus’ remark, “love thy enemy.” In which he replied with blustery how it is possible for him to love an enemy who wants to “kill” him or, for instance, should have the Jews had kissed the Nazis after they BBQ’ed their people…. totally misconstruing the aphorism in its entirety. The point isn’t to put your guards down when your life is threatened (immediate danger) but rather how you approach in dealing with your “enemies” afterward (i.e. forgiveness) or perhaps to find it in your heart to put aside any wrongs bestowed upon you by the business partner, family member, et al (i.e. educating the misinformed and brainwashed, etc.).

After taking these two calls, he veers back to censuring the “brown shirts at Media Matters” — “a fascist front group” (along with many others: The League of Women Voters and The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights— and spread of “gay bathhouses” (!!!, he is really fond of bathhouses for some reason)… apparently, he’s been recapping these same phrases for years now. Thankfully, capitalism comes to the rescue and the show segues into commercial… Well, sort of. Even the commercials on these Hate Radios possess a unique stench of diabolical shoddiness:

mortgage & credit repair companies, a crooked realator’s “high volume inventory home sale” pitch (I actually heard a lot about the duplicitous nature of this particular broker from the days I worked in development and construction), an attorney firm specializing in “male” divorce litigation, hair growth formulas, and angry bucolic pick-up truck insurance sale (I am NOT making these up). But I suppose, you can’t expect much from the AM radio where the most exciting programs consist of broadcasting of ball games, Bible-thumping preachers (obviously looking for donation), or some sort of lethargic elevator-music as the last thing you hear before being stabbed into bored some of ennui.

I thought Milky Malkin was a degenerate; I thought Hannity was way out of line, but NO, this guy [Savage] takes the cream of the crop — why am I waking up to this nightmare now? 5 minutes of this shenanigan proved to be just too hazardous for my sanity; his banter kept ringing in my head, “I can’t take it anymore!“… I had to switch to a classical music (how “elitist” of me). Albeit, I think I’ve extracted auditory cancer as a result of his show.


So, why am I sharing all this with you? Well, I am originally from one of those “Axis of Evil” countries. I’ve lived long enough to be fully familiar with the majority of institutionalized rhetorics employed by either side. You think there is a difference between an evangelical preacher and a Mullah? Do you really believe the nature of a charlatan magically morphs from one place to another? Think again. People should understand the similarities among ideological schmaltz that is being roistered from either side of the fence and due to my background, IMHO, I think, I am best equipped to make a valid comparison.

I vividly remember, any time a cohort of the [Iranian] regime had something to say with regard to the West, it mostly revolved around the social deterioration and didactic degradation of moral campus stemming from an unabiding cultural “promiscuity.” Namely, lascivious behavior of “women,” demoralizing life style — including, but not limited to, homosexuality, among many others –, lack of tangible faith and indoctrination of masses in to religion, infatuation with materialism, et al — the exact same over-the-top rhetorics that being clouted away by Savage and his goons.

For an uneducated, uncultured, and impoverished individual whose life experience has impeded him from developing higher cognitive consonance, of course such characterization becomes a tantamount to opening up a portal of an unknown desert of moral decay — the “West.” That fear of “unknown” is always pre-packaged in the most dishonest and distorted fashion and sold to the very people who have little or no insight in nuances and subtleties of cultural differences. And a more frightening part is that these same rhetorics are being advertised by likes of Savage here in the US (Citing more sex-change operations, increased lesbian fertility clinics, Savage said of 9-11: “That was God speaking,” Mar 30, 2007):

So the country is founded on the principles of Christianity. A couple of hundred years later, where are we living? So-called post-Christian times. The churches are emptying out [interestingly enough, Savage, to his own admission, only attends Church once or twice a year and frankly, he does not consider himself a Christian — at least not to the vigorous standards he evangelizes to the masses everyday], the bathhouses are filling up, the sex-change operations are speeding up, the lesbian fertility clinics are increasing around the country. And the country is on the verge of an insane breakdown.

Do you see where I am going with this? There are no differences between the Iranian regime’s pseudo-man-of-God on a podium swaggering his false message and Hate Radios of right, hiding behind the golden mics — a tightly coupled partnership between the two, with “supposedly” juxtaposing ideologies, is indeed the same two-headed snake, feeding off of people’s ignorance and benighted sense of acceptance of any piece of trash someone throws at them. What’s being touted over seas is being amplified ten folds here in the US. Just read what Savage has to say about the so-called “radical Islam”:

In […] March 27, 2007 broadcast, Savage stated that radical Muslims “don’t like the stuff that I don’t like, frankly. The very same things that offend me, offend them. That’s the strangest part of it.” He then explained that both he and radical Muslims are offended by transgendered people (Citing more sex-change operations, increased lesbian fertility clinics, Savage said of 9-11: “That was God speaking,” Mar 30, 2007). Oh the irony Mr. Wiener; Iran is one of the only countries in the world with the “state” sponsored sex change operation, both sexes by the way — partially funded and managed by the government.

As you can see, the very nature of dispatch, boasted on his show, is not seminal but rather a repetition of the same set of scare tactics employed by the Mullahs, although slightly rearranged, jam packed with concentrated doses of ignorance and egregious fascism of the highest order. They may have different tactics to recruit and poison the impressionable minds: one may wear a trench coat and trim his goatee, the other apparel a turban, religious attire, and decorate his face with an unkempt, overgrown beard, but at the core, they both seek to promote the same bulletin of moral crusade to “fix” you and I.

His ideas can only be surmised by a collection of badly constructed malapropism of tacky shibboleths, i.e. Red Diaper Doper Baby, Nancy Mussolini, Gay Mafia, San Fran-Psycho, Juan McCain, Hillary Rotten Clinton, The Leprachaun, Hush Bimbo, Multy-Culty; a technique only employed by a desperate school yard bully. All the attacks are geared toward appealing to the emotion of gullible listeners, void of any substantial intelligence… Listening to his show requires a big leap over conventional truism, settling in the cuckoo nest of right winger’s darkest fantasies.

Examining his show reveals that he follows no particular format; he grabs an ad hoc topic and twiddles his marble balls… for “three” hours. This isn’t an easy task; it takes an enormous dexterity to pull a few hours of magniloquent speech. It takes a well qualified verbal gymnast to spontaneously alter the modus operandi in order to keep the listeners on their toes and train the mind of the recipients to stay in a “shallow” water of one-dimensionality. Savage seeks to superficially appeal to their basic, deep-seated, manufactured emotions by inundating a polemic with melodramatic nonsense. It is a same set of qualifications that allows a mullah to orate on a flatulent, gaudy bravado to advance his religious hucksterism.

Savage’s meretricious babble is usually ignited by a spark of short-lived kvetching over a trivia matter before plunging in to hectoring and fomenting hatred of the Biblical proportion. Then once the mood is set, he introduces an execrable description of sensationalized, self-styled events to draw absurd conclusions. Nonetheless, at the time when he realizes he’s gone over the board with his late evening antics, he expounds on series of bizarre factoid like a true professional bullsh*ter and an abrasive political personality clown.

And people are so out of touch with reality that Savage has become a revered eponym of “Savage Nation.” The goal is to appeal to the lowest common denominator — people who live their lives in the echo chamber of sound bites who lack of possessing more than two brain cells to process any logical statement but a grand desire for “wisdom of repugnance.” It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to catch the sputum of recurring rhetorics that Savage’s fans spew:

God Bless Michael Savage. I think he has his heart in the right place!

I find him to be the ONLY person left that truly cares about this nation. Out of all those running to date, if he runs, he’ll get my vote.

I find his brashness and honesty very appealing and entertaining.

This man is breathing morality with fierce and righteous indignation for a woman who is speaking nothing.

Michael Savage? has the courage to publicly say what most people think — what a great man!

I LOVE Savage…in fact, I am going to call him and inform him of this!! The man is a LEGEND, a true American hero!!

Savage is a god.

I love this guy. He totally tells it like it is.

Savage is always entertaining and a breathe of fresh air in this age of liberal decay.

Great Michael! Fight those useful idiots!

Michael Savage created some of the greatest and intelligent American Family in this world today.

Savage is 100% right on!

michael i love you thanks for saving? america from the sick, idiot liberals

Cheers for Michael Savage!!….he should be able to tell off ANYONE who rubs him the wrong way

Savage is great. His is the only conservative talk show I’ll listen to. I respect his boldness and his line of thought.

He was telling a story about how he raised his kids. He came home from work and his sons were watching TV. As he passed the room, they didn’t look up from the TV or acknowledge him, so he ripped the TV out and threw down the stairs. Don’t think that’s something I would do, but evidently his sons are now very respectable and successfull.

Type of people who are after the secrets of picking up girls (Michael Savage How To Get Girls). For some reason this guy comes to mind, albiet impertinent to him but you get the picture (oooh! Slippery slop): tony48219’s Classic Video – “Lies of the Atheist”. Don’t get me wrong, even the “liberal,” “gay,” and “Muslim” who listen to his show sound like bimbo heads who can’t articulate a coherent idea without stuttering their way back to the dungeon of solitude and abyss of mental blockage which are usually rewarded by Savage’s emotional outbursts and grandiose fury. But it’s clear, they are hand picked by the monitoring folks for entertainment values.

Some may say I have a political inclination to promote my own set of belief by discrediting Savage because he holds an opposing view — This couldn’t be further from the truth. First and foremost, I hold some of the conservative convictions as well as liberal and many other sentiments from various ideologies. The issue is that, likes of Savage, do not inquire to discuss an idea but rather, to them, whether the “idea” matters AT ALL. So the dilemma is not that his viewpoint is diametrically oppose others but rather, does he have “any” slant that would advance the discourse in the first place.

At the highest level, we have an institution that follows in a true foot step of school of journalism where every report is uphold to the clarion of rectitude and every statement is vetted, assessed, and reassessed from every angle before being presented to the listeners. The next level consists of a biased reporting where a single agenda is overwhelmingly being promoted and other views are accordingly suppressed, nonetheless, one side of the spectrum is adduced. Then at the bottom, we have… garbage, where pure entertainment and malicious Jerry Springer type mentality are married like a Friday night Johns and Hookers… and becomes an integral part of the viewers’ psyche — Savage Nation falls under the latter category.

Ultimately, I can care less if you come up to me and respectfully demonstrate your stance on a certain issue. The problem arises when people shove their hand in a butt crack and splurge an overly opinionated hunk of human excrement at the board, hoping to stick. The bottom line is that you just cannot babble your way on to the matter especially when a complex issue demands years of scholarly research, grinding and exploration of every possible aspect. What I am saying here may not resonate with most people, but skimming over Savage’s pathological past shows may hopefully trigger an alarm among some of you: Media Matter’s archive on Michael Savage

P.S. I have a new slogan for his show: “Savage Nation, where jihad meets Mein Kampf

Hippy Michael Savage (On the right)

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